About Me


Hi, I'm Trisha McMillon

As a professional counselor, I provide individual and couple counseling for people who feel stuck and unsatisfied in life.  I work collaboratively with my clients to help them overcome problems related to shame, trauma, high functioning anxiety, relationship stress, depression, addiction, communication, divorce, loss and grief, and career indecisiveness.  I am especially fond of working with women, LGBTQ persons, and college students.

After receiving my graduate degree from USM in Hattiesburg, MS, I worked as a counselor in a residential treatment center for adults with chemical dependency and dual diagnosis.  At some point along my journey I transitioned into an administrative role and quickly realized that I missed doing therapy with others.  So, I made the decision to do what scared me, and I moved to Mobile, AL to open The Space.  

I love therapy and our helping field, not only for the growth it offers us personally, but also what it can do for our relationships and communities.  My values in therapy include an attitude of loving-kindness, transparency, and honesty.  Without becoming too technical, my approach to therapy is client centered and draws from mindfulness, cognitive, behavioral, and systemic models of therapy. 

I believe I'm meant to be a counselor and that's what has led to successful therapeutic experiences.  Like most, my life’s journey includes hardships and emotional raw spots, and I have benefitted from counseling.  I have re-written narratives of my life and created an identity that offers me inner peace, joy, and passion, and I’d be honored to help you create a life that you’re proud of.

Aside from practicing therapy, I enjoy baking, spending time outdoors, traveling, and trying new foods - I rarely order the same thing twice at a restaurant! I’m big on feeling connected to the people in my life and my environment. I also own a cat named Elphaba who brings me joy and reminds me to appreciate the little things.  I try living my life as though it is an opportunity and not a burden.


I received my master's degree in Counseling Psychology at The University of Southern Mississippi in 2012.  I am a member of the Alabama Counseling Association.  I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in the states of Alabama and Mississippi and a Nationally Certified Counselor in The United States.

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