Counseling and Mental Health Resources

When it comes to our emotional health, sometimes we just need a little nudge in the right direction, but sorting through everything the internet has to offer can feel overwhelming.  On this page I share links to information and resources that I trust and have found helpful.  


Substance use

  • Family and friends of those in addiction and recovery - Al Anon.

 Photo by  Caique Silva  on  Unsplash

Mood issues

  • Get to know your unhelpful thinking patterns and learn more productive ways of thinking with the CBT Thought Diary application.

  • Track your mood each day using the Daylio application on your smartphone. This app also allows you to select activities you do throughout the day that may affect your mood.

  • Feeling anxious or on edge all the time? Click here to watch my favorite video on belly breathing to learn the power of breathing correctly.

  • Learn progressive muscle relaxation through this guided meditation to help ease muscle tension and anxiety.


Career guidance

  • Discover which careers match your personality with the Holland Code

  • Matching a career with your personality - NEO-PI



Eating Disorders

  • Engage in a free online support group for eating disorder recovery through Alsana. Click here to learn more.