Frequently Asked Questions About Counseling


What is counseling like?

Counseling will look different for each person depending on your individual needs and personal goals.  A typical counseling session is about fifty minutes.  The initial session and counseling for couples may be longer.  We will meet in the privacy of my office and spend time working on goals that you and I have developed together.  For online sessions, we will meet using a secure video platform, VSee. You should probably understand that while my purpose is to be helpful, therapy is a lot more than advice giving.  You can visit my about me page to learn more about my style of counseling.

How do I get started in counseling?

If you're wanting to learn more about whether I'd be a good fit as your counselor, please click here to learn how to contact me.  Once you've decided to begin counseling, we'll schedule this together over the phone.  If you feel confident and ready to begin therapy, you can request an appointment below. Before our first session I'll invite you to create an account through the client portal of my electronic medical records system, Simple Practice.  

How often will we meet?

This will depend on your individual needs and will be a decision that you and I make together.  We may begin by meeting weekly, and as you make progress and need me less, we may move to bi-weekly or once monthly for counseling.  On average, successful therapy lasts anywhere from six weeks to several months months, but sometimes longer.  

What do I bring with me to my first counseling session?

Just yourself! Because my counseling practice is paperless, you'll be able to complete a little bit of paperwork electronically through the Simple Practice client portal before our first session.

How can I trust you?

My number one value in the therapeutic relationship is benevolence, meaning to do no harm.  As a licensed counselor, I have an ethical code that is paramount to my being successful and engaging in helpful therapeutic relationships.  I understand the sensitive nature of counseling and implement my ethical code in each interaction with clients.  The truth is, you may not fully trust me when we first meet, and that’s okay.  I understand that building trust takes time, and I'll do everything to demonstrate my professionalism and trustworthiness during our time together.  

Do you talk to my family or anyone else about me being in counseling?

Everything you talk with me about is confidential, meaning I don't share it with anyone.  Legally, there are a few things that I cannot keep secret and I'll make sure you understand these things prior to us beginning counseling together.  You will have the option to sign a release of information if you want me to be able to discuss your therapy or recommendations with others, such as family or a spouse.  At times, I will consult with other licensed professionals on issues related to my therapy practice and client needs, but I do not share your personal information.  

How do I pay for counseling?

Counseling services may be paid for by cash, check, or credit/debit card.  I use a program called Ivy Pay for card payments.  While I do not file therapy services through any managed care insurance provider, I can provide you with an out of network superbill to submit to your insurance provider for reimbursement.  I choose not to work directly with insurance providers to ensure client confidentiality and the freedom to provide individualized therapeutic services to each of my clients.  

What if I miss a counseling session?

When scheduling a session, I reserve the time specifically for you.  Counseling sessions that are not cancelled at least 24 hours in advance will be charged the full price of the session, except due to illness or an accident.  I understand that surprises happen and life throws us curveballs, so please cancel and reschedule your session at least 24 hours in advance. 

Where do we meet? Is there parking?

Click here for my office address.  You may park in any available and appropriate parking space.  My office is located in building 2, suite 519 of the Mobile Office Park.  There is a directory in the main lobby on the first floor with information about where to find me.  

Do you prescribe medication?

No, I am not a medical professional.  During the course of therapy, I may recommend that assessment by a medical professional to determine the need for medication may be beneficial for your mental health.  I'm happy to provide you with these referrals.

What if I want someone in my family to come to a counseling session?

There may come a time when I make a recommendation or you decide that you want your partner, spouse, or a family member to come to counseling with you.  Depending on the individual, we will determine whether or not it may be beneficial for the course of therapy to be changed.  It is not uncommon for an important member of your life to attend a counseling session at some point throughout the course of therapy, but this decision is left entirely up to you.  

How does counseling end?

Therapy typically ends when we decide that you have met your goals for personal growth and my counseling services are no longer necessary.  We may continue to meet on occasion for booster sessions that allow us to meet and check in on your progress.  


My hope is that you feel comfortable and prepared for our first session and throughout your time in therapy.  Here I've included commonly asked questions about counseling.