Counseling Services Offered

By attending to your emotional health needs through counseling, you can feel joy, better cope with life's stress, and experience satisfying relationships with not only your family and friends, but yourself.


Individual counseling

Some of us live in the shadows of our own inadequacy, shame, and self-doubt, leading us feeling stuck and repeating toxic patterns in life.  I love helping people understand their past and use their personal strengths to rewrite their story and begin living happy lives with purpose.  Is this person you? With help, you can build hope and heal emotional wounds until you no longer feel stuck, broken, or weak. Together, we can get your life pointed in the direction that leads you to fulfillment and wholeness.


LBGTQ issues

I am an LGBTQ ally, meaning that I believe in the equality of LGBTQ individuals and treat members of this community with love, respect, and dignity. I am also aware that LGBTQ individuals are at higher risk of developing emotional and mental health problems.  I am here to help you navigate emotional wounds due to discrimination and non-acceptance, build confidence in your identity, navigate relationships, and support you through transitioning.  


Online counseling

Online counseling is a great idea and fit for some people! I offer individual and couple counseling through a secure, online video platform. Apart from support groups, my online clients enjoy the same therapy services I offer my in-person clients, except on their own time and from the comfort of home. Online therapy may not be a good fit for certain people, specifically for someone in crisis, but we'll determine this during a free consultation I offer.  To learn more about online therapy, click here. 


Substance abuse counseling

When it comes to drugs, alcohol, and prescription medication we live in a society filled with opportunity.  For some, the use of such substances leads to poor decision making, emotional turmoil, and unfortunate consequences.  I've worked extensively with individuals seeking sobriety and recovery and those who experience comorbidity with other emotional health problems.  If you've found yourself beginning to rely too heavily on substances or you're seeking support to maintain your sobriety, let me help.  


Career indecision counseling

Job and vocational stress, including loss of employment, is one of the top reasons we experience depression.  For many of us, including myself, our identity and life satisfaction is closely tied to our profession and career choice.  If you're feeling stuck in a job, work environment, or career field, or you're lacking confidence to choose a career path, let me help you navigate these stressors and foster feelings of confidence, success, and wholeness in your career, identity, and purpose.  

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Counseling for depression and anxiety

Let's face it, life experiences and family genetics contribute to our emotional health.  Uncomfortable emotions, such as sadness, depression, anxiety, fear, and anger can become powerful forces that make us feel unable to control our lives.  Feelings like this can rob us of our relationships, goals and dreams, inner peace, and ability to give and receive love.  I'm also aware that these feelings can lead us to contemplate our motivation to live.  Maybe you've felt this way or maybe you see your life heading in this direction and that's ok.  I feel confident that through therapy, you can feel joy despite pain and trauma and peace where worry has consumed you.


Counseling for couples

Life is difficult and relationships are hard.  Sometimes we experience problems with communication, not getting our needs met, marital stress, divorce, trust issues, and loss, just to name a few.   Through counseling, you can learn how to make positive changes that lead to more fulfilling relationships that empower the whole family.  Let's work together to style repeating old patterns and grow your family and relationship back together. 


Support groups

We're social creatures and thrive by connecting with others.  When it comes to emotional wholeness and healing, we often feel alone and isolated in our experiences, leading us to further disconnect with others.  This feeling of isolation and inability to escape your troubles is not the only way to live your life.  Joining and participating in a support group can teach you that you're not alone and offer a safe space for you to connect with others and heal together. I offer therapeutic support groups depending on the needs of the local community.  Click here to learn more about current support groups.